No Root Screenshot It: On the Incredible 2

HTC Android screenshot of home screen

UPDATE:  The newest update from Verizon allows you to take screenshots by pressing the Power and Home buttons at the same time.

There is now an easy way to take screenshots on your HTC Droid Incredible 2 android phone, without having to root it.  It’s kind of an oversight that there isn’t an easy way to take screenshots. But, thanks to No Root Screenshot It there’s a kind of easy way to get your droid to take screenshots.

So basically, go over to the Android Market and buy No Root Screenshot It by Edward Kim. There’s a couple versions out there, but for an Incredible 2 that is not rooted you need to get the No Root version that sells for $5.

The instructions for installing the are great and walk you through the general steps, but I just wanted to share a couple tips that apply to the Incredible 2.

The instructions tell you go download the USB drivers for your phone at this URL:

It redirects you to HTC’s website, and then you need to find your phone, the link to the Incredible 2’s diver is here:

Download HTC SYNC for the Incredible 2, and the USB driver will be installed with it.

And then here’s the link to the Desktop installer for Screenshot It, which enables your phone to take screenshots:

The app’s not perfect. It seems like when I try to use the shake feature, it fails the first time. But, I really can’t complain until Android builds something into the software.


7 thoughts on “No Root Screenshot It: On the Incredible 2”

  1. Hit the lock button and hold it then hit home, boom instant screen shot saved to gallery

  2. none of this is working , everybodys comments dont work 😈 i have the droid incredible 2 and somehow i just took a screenshot, how did i do that ?

  3. today I had my incredible two on my desk and I went to push the button to turn it off and at the same time I must have touched something on the screen because it made the camera noise and then I got a notiificatin that I just took a screen shot. I checked and yep, in my gallery was a picture of my home screen. I have not been able to repeat this action yet. No clue what I touched. Any ideas?

  4. I’ve done it accidentally several times and I find the pics in my gallery. But i can’t figure out to do it on purpose!

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