How to calculate your Net Worth

The basic net worth formula is:

Total Assets – Total Liabilities = Net Worth 

Assets are typically things that you own that have value, like your house, car, and stocks. Liabilities are typically things that you owe money on like loans.

This tool will help guide you into calculating a rough estimate of your net worth based on your financial situation. This calculation will only be as accurate as the data you provide, so if you only want a rough estimate, don’t worry too much about the exact dollar values, but try to make sure you are close. Your net worth is an important metric to keep track of how you are progressing financially. It is also important to consider and track your ratio of liabilities to assets.

Please enter your numbers without commas or dollar signs.

Taxable Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds: $
Cash (Money Markets, savings accounts, CDs)) : $
Pension Value (Net Present Value): $
Retirement Accounts (401k, IRA, Thrift) : $
Real Estate (Houses, Condos) : $
Cars (motorcycles, RVs, etc)): $
Other (Collectables, Electronics): $
Liabilities (Debts)
Mortgages: $
Home Equity Loan: $
Credit Cards : $
Student Loans : $
401k Loans : $
Car Loans : $
Other : $
Total Assets : $0
Total Liabilities : $0
Net Worth : $0

Tips for Using This

  • Remember to enter in the full value of your home and not the equity value.
  • Typically every liability that you have has an asset to back it up like as some type of collateral, so don’t forget to enter the matching pair of an asset or liability.
  • Try not to over estimate the asset value of your belongings, since this could skew your analysis. If you do want to include the value of your belongings use the price that you would have to pay to buy a used replacement.
  • To estimate your home’s value try using the price estimates on Zillow.
  • To estimate your vehicle’s value try using the Kelly Blue Book.

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  1. i’ve tried 4 times and can’t get it to “calculate.” You should show the correct format for an entry.

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