Debt by Age Percentile Rank Calculator [USA]

Here's a calculator to rank your debt to specific age groups to see where you stand or where you project yourself to be in the future.

From Age:
To Age:
Debt : $
A debt of 0.00 for ages 18 to 100 ranks at: 0%

This means that for every 100 people there are about 0 who have less or the same amount of debt.

For reference, here is how much you would have to have to rank at certain percentiles for ages 18 to 100
90% 252000.00  
75% 124050.00  
50% 25700.00  
25% 300.00  
10% 0.00  

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These results are based off of 6248 individual samples where the head of household was age 18 to 100 and are weighted to represent 25196340 American households.

The numbers are based off of the results of the 2016 Survey of Consumer Finances by the Federal Reserve. I used R to separate one of the five imputations with the sample replicatant weights from the Federal Reserve. If you want to do your own analysis check out the raw data, and also check out this guide on how to import the data into R The number of samples per age vary quite a bit, so you might get unusual results for certain ages.

2 thoughts on “Debt by Age Percentile Rank Calculator [USA]”

  1. I think this is giving the wrong figure when I enter a debt of zero; it says that 0% have less /or equal/ to that debt. But when I put in $1, it says that 16.05% have less or equal. I doubt that this is the percent of people who have /between/ $0 and $1 in debt, but is presumably the number of people who are actually debt-free. Presumably the first figure is really those who have /less/ than 0 debt, but if you really meant less /or equal/, this should again be 16%.

  2. Depending on whether I count debt that I’ve incurred as part of investing in three rental houses or not, either 95% of people from 60 to 70 have less debt than me, or I have no debt at all. The debt (three 15-year mortgages at 4.25%, 4% and 3.375%) is the leverage that has enabled me to get an average return on equity of better than 10% for the past 5 years and my net worth has gotten a nice boost for having taken it on.

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